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Become Financially Independent

Without Giving Up The Things You Really Enjoy

Gain Access To These Exclusive Techniques

Save Serious Money

Save thousands in wasted interest and put that money back in your pocket. Too much of your money is paid for the benefit of others. Time to get it back.

Save Serious Time

Save years of lost time. Have you ever thought about how many working hours it takes you to earn the money you pay for your debts after tax?

Save Serious Wealth

Create your future wealth just on your current income. Find out how to have enough money so it doesn't run out when you need it most in retirement.

Money Rules Was Developed For Women

But that hasn't stopped men from using it as well...

Here's What They're Saying...

What I like about the Money Rules is that as I tweak things I can see in the graphs where I am saving and I get excited because I can see that it’s going to be OK. 

In fact, it’s going to be great. We will be reducing our debts sooner than the contracts which is so exciting. It means we can plan to save, sooner!      

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for getting my HEADSPACE in the RIGHT PLACE and giving me the tips, resources, and tools to change my poor money mindset to a more positive GET GREEDY mindset.       

I really hope many others get on to this program and read your book because I know you and what you have created is going to make a massive difference to families and individuals and the economy around the world!

Heather James

Melbourne - Australia

Jo Cenko


Money Rules is an incredible financial tool that has given us a crystal clear reality check of where we are heading financially.                                                                                                              We call it our Financial Success Roadmap rather than referring to it as a budget. The program is so much more than just another boring old budget. It provides a wealth of information including graphs, forecasts and an ability to easily identify where things need change.                                                                                                                                                                         After losing my job we were feeling overwhelmed dealing with a variety of income streams and expenses relating to a large property portfolio, a small business and just one salary.                                                                                                                      Money Rules has provided an insight into our situation that we have never had before and set us up for a future where we have been given a new direction, can manage comfortably and feel in control again.                                                    

Jo Cenko

Adelaide - Australia

Silvia Tomarchino

Within hours I was online with Money Rules loading my personal expenses and seeing how my situation is.                                                                                                                          Simple, fast and great way to track where my money is going.                                                                                                           Love the drop-down box, serves as a great reminder and so many things we spend on that is easily forgotten.                                                                                                                                      Not only should you grab a copy, but get one for someone you love, then all you have to do is implement.

Silvia Tomarchino

Melbourne - Australia

Alison Trebilco

All they (budgets) do is give the bad news you didn’t really want to know. I’ve had lots of them…                                                                                                                                                       Having seen your ‘brilliant’ program, people need to know what is ‘possible’ not what isn’t possible.                                                                                                                                                   They need to be reminded of their dream and be able to have small rewards along the way.                                                                                                                                                               Otherwise, it’s just too hard and not worth doing. Well done …

Alison Trebilco

Melbourne - Australia

Money Rules was created to keep more of your money in your pocket

No Budgeting

You can forget about that word - budget!

Money Rules will show you how to manage your life free from restricted living without needing to scrimp to get through from one week to the next. 

Fast Results

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a great plan come to life.

Using Money Rules regularly means you will achieve your goals far more quickly than you ever thought possible. Best part is ... you can beat those goals!

Easy To Use

Simplicity is the secret to how Money Rules works.

All the heavy lifting is done for you.      No need for a degree in mathematics. You'll quickly find how everything follows an easy and simple flow.  

Future Proof

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Money Rules works with your current income and expenses to help you plan a path to financial freedom that is real and easily achievable. You won't need to eat packet noodles for years on end.

Core Benefits 

The greatest benefit of Money Rules is it will show you how to quickly and easily eliminate all of your debts and take back control of your life. No more wasted money lost on interest and fees so you will save years of time.  

Financial Plan

Money Rules doesn't just save you years of wasted interest, lost time and get you debt free far sooner. It shows you how to use that very same money to create your future wealth just on your current income.        

This is your financial plan!

Money Rules is about fast results for action takers

It is simple to use so you can see results within seconds of entering or updating your information. 

Although the program is brilliantly simple, entering the data alone will not make it work.

It is only by taking continuous action that will see the results turn into reality.

Money Rules will guide you through the 3 steps from beginning to end in a one-time set up

Money Rules is simple and effective from the time you select the smartest strategy 

Money Rules allows you to predict and control your financial destiny by making the choices you want

      ... and support is always available

Money Rules Will Save Your Future

Our hectic modern life is continually evolving.

The cost of living increases daily, but incomes fail to keep pace. 


Each day becomes more expensive just to survive.       

Making ends meet is harder than ever with more than 70% of families living paycheck to paycheck and using credit cards to meet the shortfall.

Those who fail to address the problem immediately will become long term victims and can expect to live in future poverty. 

The sooner you start to manage your money, the sooner you'll experience the freedom and control it gives you.

What these ladies said after seeing Money Rules ...

Reduce your debt as well as your stress while not having to change your lifestyle!

Reach your personal and financial goals sooner.

This is the stuff banks don’t tell you!

Chris Georgopoulos – Melbourne

Recommend for fast debt reduction and saving of significant amount of interest – leaving money free for saving (to spend)

Elizabeth Sayers – Geelong

Financial stability and taking control of your future and cutting down the expenses.

The future of my finance

Kim Wood – Melbourne

Great system. Pay debt off first and keep track of your life. Share it with your partner so you can work as a team. Graphs were awesome! Easy to operate.

Dee Tran – Melbourne

The ease of implementation.                   Pay debts out quicker.

The whole thing was interesting

Helen Rosenberg – Melbourne

You will be able to easily manage your finances and save time and money

Linda McDonald – Melbourne

Savings – spur me on to make changes.     

Easy to use

Kylie Farrugia – Melbourne

Detail and clarity of one’s financial status when implementing program. How easy it is to use

Stella Papas – Melbourne 

Your Questions Answered

Is It Easy

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Will It Work

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Can I Do It

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