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Over 30 Years Experience

Listening to clients is why Money Rules exists

Most people will work for 40 years with little to show in savings when it comes to retirement.

Money Rules was developed initially to show you how to eliminate debt as quickly as possible, in order to stop paying wasted interest and save years of lost time. 

As a result, the money saved is then directed toward investments in order to provide sufficient funds for retirement. 

Although Money Rules is successful in achieving this goal, there was a missing component.

And that is knowing how much you need to live on in retirement. How much is enough? 

The most basic amount is to have sufficient to meet your lifestyle needs for everyday living.  

Current technology, improvements in health and modern science mean that most people in the developed world are living longer into their nineties and even in their 100's.

Being able to plan for the long term, makes small adjustments today much easier than arriving at age 55 or 60 only to find that it's likely to be impossible to save enough money to live on for the next 30 or 40 years. 

So I created the Lifestyle Report module which uses your known data and extends it out to at least age 100. It is important to plan for the long term and know that your money is not going to pass away before you do. 

The detail available in the Lifestyle Report allows you to plan not just for daily living expenses, but to create your future in advance and plan sufficient funds to meet medical, lifestyle and travel plans. Imagine how comfortable you will be knowing that medical or aged care costs won't be a drain or a concern and that you can expect the best treatment available, simply because you have saved sufficient funds.

What if you wanted to take a holiday every year overseas, on the seas or even just interstate? 

You can now plan ahead with Money Rules and know whether all of these goals are achievable, and if not, what you might need to do in advance to make them a reality. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Money Rules can show you what your future is capable of achieving just on your current income.

Never before has this sort of information been readily available in such a simple and easy to understand format.Your future is in your hands, and the help you need to achieve your future goals is also available.

You are getting access to something that many would rather you don't have in order for them to continue to profit at your expense. Don't give them the satisfaction. This is easier to do than not!​​​​​​​

Take control now of your future, and the future financial security of your family.                                                             - Nobby Kleinman